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a. lost 6 points g. 7 inches below normal b. 3 strokes below par h. $5 off the original price c. $5 deposit i. 10 strokes above par d. a loss of $30 j. a $35 withdrawal e. 12 centimeters longer k. temperature of 10 degrees below zero f. 5000 feet above sea level l. 5 yard gain on the first down Balancing a Check Book For each of the sentences below, make an adjective from one of the words in the box. Some gaps need a negative adjective. 3 Complete each gap with a 2 Now look at the exam task and a student's plan below. Match the combined sentences (1-8) from a student's answer to the correct paragraphs (A-C).

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When a mercury barometer is taken to a place at a height of 25 m above the sea level it shows a pressure difference of 2.5mm with respect to the pressure at the surface of the sea. If the relative density of mercury is 13.6, find the average density of air near sea level
What is an Integer. 100. ... 1,440 feet below sea level. What is -1440. 300. ... What integer describes each situation? A loss of 6 yards? A weight gain of 12 pounds ...
A tide gauge is a large (1 foot [30 cm] or more in diameter), long pipe with a small hole below the water line. This pipe is often called a stilling well. Even though waves are changing the water level outside the gauge constantly, they have little effect inside the gauge. The sea level can be read relatively accurately inside this pipe.
Starting at –200 feet and climbing 150 feet will bring me to an elevation of –50 feet. After climbing another 50 feet, I will be at sea level, or an elevation of 0 feet. Finally, climbing the final 800 feet will bring me to the mountaintop at an elevation of 800 feet. The total change in elevation will be 1,000 feet. Lesson 1 Where does the
The hiker is 2 miles (10,560 feet) above sea level. 1. Write an integer to represent each situation. 2. Use an appropriate scale to graph each of the following situations on the number line to the right. Also, write an integer to represent both situations. a. A hiker is 15 feet above sea level. b. A diver is 20 feet below sea level. 3.
• An elevation below sea level • A drop in temperature Example 1 A bird is flying 25 feet above sea level and a fish is swimming 10 feet below sea level. Use integers to represent the elevation of the fish and the bird. Strategy Use an integer to describe each situation. Step 1 What elevation would the number 0 represent?
One aspect of basin analysis focuses on mapping specific systems tracts of third-, fourth-, or fifth-order sea level cycles and the relationship that stacked depositional sequences deposited during those cycles have to each other.
It is hard to describe if you have never experienced it, but after a thick snowfall, everything sounds different. The sounds that you normally hear are changed by the muffling effect of the snow, but also there was no sound of traffic. The snow had fallen so deeply, those cars were stuck in driveways and...
a. A submarine is submerged 800 feet below sea level. i. The depth of the submarine is −800 feet below sea level. ii. 800 feet below sea level can be represented by the integer −800. b. The elevation of a coral reef with respect to sea level is given as −150 feet. i. The coral reef is 150 feet below sea level. ii.
Current estimates (as of 2017) put the elevation of the Dead Sea shoreline at -1,412 feet, (or 1,412 feet below sea level.) However, the Dead Sea is dropping down at a rate of about 3 feet per year, which it has been doing for the past 50 years or so. This means that the lowest point on earth continues to get lower by 1 foot every four months.
A flying fish swims up at a rate of 4 feet per second. If a fish starts at 60 feet below sea level, how many seconds will it take for it to get to the surface -12
Apr 13, 2020 · New Orleans is 6 feet below sea level, on average. The highest elevation that New Orleans reaches is only around 20 feet above sea level. New Orleans is located between the levees of the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain.
have a reference level . Storm tide. is the water level rise during a storm due to the combination of storm surge and the astronomical tide. • Since storm tide is the combination of surge and tide, it . does. require a reference level • A 15 ft. storm surge on top of a high tide that is 2 ft. above mean sea level produces a 17 ft. storm tide.
integers describing elevations above and velow sea level. I must write two scenarios describing a situation. Death Valley is 282 feet below Sea Level at its lowest point.
Mar 19, 2019 · Much of the Netherlands is located below sea level. This has led the Netherlands to make comprehensive efforts to both mitigate and adapt to the problems posed by rising sea levels. In 2007, the Dutch government created a Delta Committee to develop strategies to ensure the viability of the country’s coastal regions.
Dec 12, 2012 · At night, manatees will often sleep about three to 10 feet below sea level. This is why these gentle animals are so often accidentally injured, maimed or killed by passing boats. Harbor Seal
The scuba diver is 30 feet below sea level. The sailor is at sea level. The hiker is 2 miles (10,560 feet) above sea level. Write an integer to represent each situation. IS o a. b, A hiker is IS feet above sea level. A diver is 20 feet below sea level. For each statement, there are two related statements: (i) and (ii). Determine which related
Start studying Integer Word Problems - Station. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study Then she travels up a hill 50 feet. What integer represents the cyclists' net change in position? If he started at 120 feet below sea level, what is his elevation after 5 minutes?
15. A US Navy submarine, SeaWolf, is 40 feet below sea level while another, Nautilus, is 100 feet below sea level. A. Write integers that describe each submarine’s position relative to sea level. SeaWolf Nautilus B. Write an inequality that compares these integers.

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In natural habitat After extreme tissue damage from 3,000+ feet below sea-level being pulled up rapidly by fishers Va – popular memes on the site ifunny.co
Michael and Shaila went to a cliff to jump off of into the ocean. Shaila jumped first and dove to a depth of 6 feet below sea level. Michael got scared and stayed at the top of the cliff at 9 feet above sea level. Represent each height as an integer, and plot them on a number line.
One aspect of basin analysis focuses on mapping specific systems tracts of third-, fourth-, or fifth-order sea level cycles and the relationship that stacked depositional sequences deposited during those cycles have to each other.
A US Navy submarine, SeaWolf, is 40 feet below sea level while another, Nautilus, is 100 feet below sea level. A: Write interger that describe each submarine position relative to sea level. B: write an inequality that compares these integers.
answer 9,470(200 points) A hike at an elevation 30 meters below sea level and ends at a point 9500 meters higher than the starting point. How high would you be at the end of the hike. -30+9500
Which integer represents a withdrawal from your bank account of $50. ... Q. Darrel is currently 20 feet below sea level. Which correctly describes the opposite of ...
Q. Darrel is currently 20 feet below sea level. Which correctly describes the opposite of Darrel's elevation? ... Q. Express an integer: a debt of $50. answer choices ...
a. 500 feet below sea level The integer is 500. b. a temperature increase of 12¡ The integer is 12. c. a loss of $240 The integer is 240. are integers used to model real-world situations? The summer of 1999 was unusually dry in parts of the United States. In the graph, a value of 8 represents 8 inches below the normal rainfall. a. What does a ...
5. A submarine was situated 450 feet below sea level. If it descends 300 feet, what is its new position? Express your answer as an integer and in real world terms. 6. In Buffalo, New York, the temperature was 14 degrees below zero. If the temperature dropped 7 degrees, what is the temperature now?
8. Kiley swam 6 feet below sea level and Bryan swam 8 feet below sea level. Determine the difference between the absolute values for each depth. Course 1 . Chapter I Rational Numbers and the Coordinate Plane
2 feet below sea level is equal to -2. so do the integers addition rule, if both have same sign just add absolute value then copy the sign of both, if both have different signs just subtract absolute value then get the sign of the number with the greater value.
Chicago, Illinois has an elevation of 600 feet above sea level. The elevation of Desert Shores, California is −200 feet. Select all the true statements. Desert Shores is above sea level. Desert Shores is at sea level. Desert Shores is below sea level. The difference in the elevations is less than 600 feet.
The absolute value of an integer is the distance the number is from zero on a number line. Two vertical bars are used to represent absolute value. The symbol absolute value of 3 is 131 . EXAMPLE Write an integer that represents 160 feet below sea level. Because it represents below sea level, the integer is —160. Evaluate | —2 EXAMPLE 2
Elevation is represented by comparing a location to sea level, which is given a value of zero. A location above sea level has a positive elevation, and a location below sea level has a negative elevation. Granite Peak, Montana, $12,799$ feet above sea level.
7) Two submarines descended. One submarine descended to 750 feet below sea level (–750) and the other descended 606 feet below sea level (–606). Describe the relationship in words and as an inequality. 8) Gene’s current credit card balance is –$7,099. Last month, it was –$6,256. Compare these two balances. Explain your thinking.

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